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Cameroon: Cocoa price drops to just over XAF900 per kg, after having reached XAF1,000 in October 2018


(Business in Cameroon) – As at December 28, 2018, cocoa beans were still traded at a maximum price of XAF1,000 per kg, like during much of October 2018. Since then, including over the rest of the market days since the 2018-2019 campaign started, prices have stabilized between XAF910 and XAF975, according to daily surveys carried out as part of the Sector Information System (Sif). Let’s recall that although these prices are far below the XAF1,500 per kilogram collected a few years ago, Cameroonian cocoa farmers remain better paid than their Ivorian and Ghanaian counterparts who receive barely over XAF800 per kilogram of beans.

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